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Providing genuine parts & accessories to enhance your vehicle's performance

CM Automobiles offers genuine Maruti Parts and is well-known for providing high-quality genuine parts and accessories to enhance your vehicle's performance, care, and protection. While there are numerous reasons why you should choose us over any other automobile dealership! Genuine Parts, like servicing your favorite Maruti vehicle, are inexpensive. As a result, caring for your Maruti will be simple and affordable.

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Why Should Our Genuine
Automobile Spare Parts?


Meets your vehicle's specifications

Each car model has a unique genuine part manufacturer, and you should only use genuine automobile spare parts that are specifically designed to meet the specifications and needs of your vehicle.


Fits snugly in your car

Genuine automobile spare parts are precisely designed to fit in a specific car model of a specific company. As a result, with genuine spare parts, you can be confident that nothing will ever fit your vehicle better.


Replacement Warranty

Genuine spare parts keep you safe and covered in the event of a malfunction. The replacement guarantee covers all failures and can provide a warranty ranging from 12 to 24 months, depending on the brand.

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