Welcome To CM Automobiles

Welcome To CM Automobiles


SPARE PARTS AND ACCESSORIES OF MARUTI FAQS Image result for Above all, Maruti Suzuki Genuine Car Accessories are designed to provide maximum safety, improved aesthetics, long-lasting durability, and exceptional quality. To summarise, customers can get everything they need to improve their vehicle's aesthetics, safety, comfort, and convenience.

Yes, your order can be picked up on your behalf by someone else. The person arriving for the pickup should have the Enquiry information with them.

Maruti Suzuki Accessories are designed to improve the comfort, style, and capability of your car, allowing you to not only beautify it but also smarten it up and protect it from daily wear and tear. Maruti Suzuki Accessories will take your car's performance, aesthetics, style, comfort, and overall capability to the next level, whether it's brand new or pre-owned.

Maruti Suzuki Genuine Parts and Accessories are perfectly designed for an exact fit in terms of styling and performance. We take care of the interior and exterior of your vehicle with Maruti Suzuki Parts and Genuine Accessories.

Maruti Suzuki is outfitted with technologically advanced features to provide you with a pleasurable and trouble-free driving experience.

CM Automobiles is a subsidiary of the CM Group. The CM Group was founded in 1960 by Late Shri Chunni Lal Mahajan and Late Shri Mohan Lal Mahajan!

Our partnership with Maruti Suzuki began in 2005 as India's first spare parts distributor for Chandigarh, Panchkula, Mohali, and Ropar District! Since then, we've been expanding our network in Punjab and Chandigarh since then!